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Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis Made Easy with Sanil Mhatre

Tue, May 07 2019 17:00 UTC

Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis Made Easy

Does your Enterprise data include from social media posts, product reviews and survey results with free form text ? Feel like you need a Data Scientist, equipped with Tools like R, text mining & sentiment lexicon to unlock the value of that data ? Not anymore ! Thanks to our friends at Microsoft, a developer or analyst can leverage Azure Cognitive services and PowerBI to easily analyze text data and create effective visual dashboards. This session will walk through how to use text analytics APIs in Azure cognitive services, to analyze free form text responses to survey questions . We will learn how to parse key phrases, derive sentiment scores and how to effectively use Power BI visualizations like Word Cloud, Gauge, Histograms , etc to create a Dashboard for effectively analyzing this data. We will browse through performing similar analysis in R. Session Goals Understand how to use Azure Cognitive Services APIs for analyzing text data Learn how to load and prepare your

Sanil Mhatre

Sanil Mhatre is a Senior Data Engineer, currently focused on delivering Analytical insights for technology solutions and services company in St. Louis. He has a Master's degree in information systems and enjoys working with various data processing technologies, analytics tools, and visualization platforms. Sanil is a budding Data Scientist, an active member of PASS and a frequent speaker at several local and regional technical events. In his spare time, he volunteers with numerous STEM mentorship programs, and blogs to keep up with developments in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.

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