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Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) in Azure Data Factory with Rayis Imayev

Thu, Jun 20 2019 17:00 UTC

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) in Azure Data Factory

With Azure Data Factory (ADF) continuous integration, you help your team to collaborate and develop data transformation solutions within the same data factory workspace and maintain your combined development efforts in a central code repository. Continuous delivery helps to build and deploy your ADF solution for testing and release purposes. Basically, the CI/CD process helps to establish a good software development practice and aims to build a healthy relationship between development, quality assurance, and other supporting teams. Let's explore how we can use Microsoft DevOps and GitHub to build and release our ADF pipelines to other environments.

Rayis Imayev

Database professional with hands-on database design, data analysis, and reporting skills. I believe that I can help to make this intricate world of data to be more structured and well understood. Born in USSR; graduated and started my IT journey in Ukraine; now I work and live with my family in Toronto, Canada.

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