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Getting to Grips with Performance for Azure SQL Database with Anat Dror

Tue, Mar 12 2019 16:00 UTC

Getting to Grips with Performance for Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQLDB is a database as a service. That means that it is “fully managed.” It removes many of the tasks related to the set-up and administration that we are used to with SQL Server on-premise. Not having to worry about an operating system, hypervisor, or thread count can simplify performance management. Azure SQLDB even introduces functionality that aims to automatically tune the performance of its workload. However, that should not make us complacent. The performance of any database as a service is inextricably linked to cost. A poorly optimized workload can cause the provisioning of extra resources. It is great to be able to scale automatically to stay within SLA, but this costs money. If left unchecked it can accumulate fast and hit hard on your company's bottom line. The performance challenge has evolved with the database as a service, but it certainly has not gone away. Join this session to learn how managing performance is even more critical with Azure SQL DB. Learn what key performance indicators are most important, what auto tuning really means and get some tools to help you identify performance issues and correctly size your database. The proposed Agenda is as follows: · How is performance measured (throughput, response time) · Analyze performance - compare on-premise and cloud (check host, check virtualization, check overall io, check KPIs, check top statements) · Key performance indicators on-premise and azure (DTU vs CPU, IO, Locks, Log) · Performance and Cost · Use DMVs to monitor performance · Use Query Store to monitor performance · Automatic Tuning (Intelligent insights)

Anat Dror

Anat is a SQL Server and DB2 domain expert with over 20 years of experience in a long list of IT related roles including leadership, processes re-engineering, technical architecture, design, implementation, planning and deployment. As a subject matter expert, Anat has a broad and deep understanding of cloud computing, virtualization, database development and administration, performance management and storage. Today she plays a pivotal role in understanding customer requirements, fostering innovation and bringing Dell Software Database Performance Management solutions to life.

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